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Thursday, September 13, 2012

How many attempts does it take to make supper?

 Last night after work my plans were to make supper.  I had most of the ingredients to make fried rice and decided to make plain rice with milk and honey on it for dessert.  For me, rice with milk and honey is a comfort food as it is one of the few “comfort” foods I can eat here.  For Bryan, the thought, let alone the smell, of rice with milk and honey makes him gag. 
Bryan was starving so while I made supper, he was going to make guacamole.  Can you believe it? We found avocados in the market and both of us were excited for such a comfort food!   While it felt like an avocado and looked like an avocado, it was a mystery fruit or vegetable that was hard like a potato and had a distinctive peppery taste when swallowed.  Bryan persisted and got it peeled and cut into small pieces.  The taste persisted too, and we couldn’t eat this crunchy, bland but somehow very peppery mystery food.   Meal item #1: not edible.
Meanwhile, I was excited to try to make fried rice.  I found our rice to be infested with bugs!  I had no idea plain, dry rice could attract bugs.  Sadly, we had to throw out our mostly full bag of rice.  We’re going to have to invest in some air tight canisters.  Meal item #2: not edible.
During our first shopping experience we purchased some premade, frozen appetizers.  I can’t remember their name but they are like rice and lentil dough balls.  I pan fried those and we at them with the all American ingredient: Ketchup!  They were edible, but not really a meal.  Meal item #3: incomplete and left us wanting more.
We considered our options which were to eat some stale chips, go get something from one of the restaurants close to the hotel, or just go to bed.  Instead, we got room service. J  Meal item #4: edible!
After moving every possible item that may get bugs to the safety of the microwave, refrigerator, or freezer we had a much needed heart-to-heart discussion.  The food we’ve tried to make has been bad at best and usually horrible if we could eat it at all.  We could figure out what to buy and where to buy it and what to make and how to make it with time but decided to admit defeat and see if we could find a cook!
We’ve known a cook to be an option all along, but I really love to cook and wanted to do it myself.  Instead, hopefully we can find a cook who will go and get the ingredients and come to cook for us.  I’m hopeful to learn from her and return to the states 1) well-nourished and 2) a better Indian cook!  

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