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Monday, July 11, 2011

Eggs are not Dairy

My husband is not a country kid. In fact, he grew up in town and his farm experience was limited to one time when he “helped” on one of his school friend’s farm. (His friend’s mom made him his first homemade cherry pie and he talks about that to this day.)
You already know that I grew up on a farm but now live in a town.
My husband has a great attitude about everything in life and enjoys our trips to my parent’s house and farm. He asks a lot of questions about agriculture related things and helps me understand city things.
When we were newly married, I told my husband that I was “going to town” and I asked him if he needed anything. To which he replied, “First, we are in town and no, I do not need anything at the store.”
The first summer of our marriage, I woke up and decided to mow the lawn. Lucky for me, it was not too hot outside and the grass was dry so I got ready to mow the lawn. (Yes, my husband would do it, but I do not like to sit still so I do it sometimes.) So, around 8:00AM I was all ready to mow the lawn. My husband told me I could not mow the lawn but I replied, “Yes, I can. The grass is dry and it is not too hot out.” My husband had to explain that because I have neighbors I cannot mow the lawn before 10 AM.
The stories go on and on, but you get my point.
My husband has helped me understand that people do not always think about the origin of their food.
For example, on more than one occurrence people have referred to eggs as dairy. I was shocked the first time someone made this reference to me and you can be sure that I helped them understand that eggs are poultry and not dairy. You see, eggs come from chicken and dairy comes from cows.
The more times I heard the confusion the more frustrated I became. My husband helped me see that because eggs are stored in the dairy section of the grocery store people confuse them as dairy. I get that, I guess, but food does not come from the grocery store. The process is much bigger than that.
I would love to keep this blog about food, but also educate people about where their food comes from or how it is made. In the future, you will see recipes but you will also see my rendition of how things are made or the origin of our food.

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  1. Good Job Tiffany! What a great place to help people see where the delicious food they prepare and eat comes from! Your dad is proud of you and, of course, I am too.