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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cooking failure…

I was so excited to make hummus the other day because it is my favorite dip and I haven’t had it in about two weeks! Gasp! (I make it weekly and eat is all on my own because Bryan does notlove it).
I have heard that hummus is much better if you start with the dried garbanzo beans rather than the canned garbanzo beans. It made sense to me, and I was willing to try anything that would make my already mouth-watering hummus even a bit better.
So, the night before I put my garbanzo beans in a pot of cold water and set it in the refrigerator overnight to soak. When I got home from work the next day I immediately started making the hummus.
I added everything to the food processor and turned it on.
Humph. I thought to myself, “I know my blades need to be sharpened, but they are not that dull.” So, I took everything out of the food processor, made sure I had it put together correctly (I did – it is not that hard – it is just a food processor) and thought I would miraculously  have better luck. I turned on the food processor but things just did not look right.  
So, I decided that maybe with dried garbanzo beans it takes longer to combine and get all silky smooth so I left it running for about a minute longer than normal.
Finally, I gave up and decided that dry garbanzo beans were not for me. As I was pouring the edible but not great hummus into a container to take to work, I realized something important: You have to COOK the dried and then soaked garbanzo beans! When they are canned they are cooked!
I won’t share the recipe or the pictures with you as it is all wrong, but I’ll try it again next week and (hopefully) have success so I can give you the full recipe.
We are all human and make mistakes when we are cooking, and I am not immune from that!

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  1. At least you figured out what went wrong. There is success in that. Better luck next time. We will wait to hear.